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A senior research fellow and founding member of the Computer Related Design Research Studio at the Royal College of Art, Fiona Raby leads the Critical Design Unit with Anthony Dunne. She is also a partner in Dunne + Raby, a creative design partnership set up in 1994 to explore the relationship of industrial design, architecture and electronic media, through a combination of academic research and practical commissions. Recent projects include FLIRT, an EU-funded research project which investigates location-based WAP services for mobile phones, and a collection of furniture for the Victorian and Albert Museum, London, which explores mental well-being in relation to domestic electro-magnetic fields. At Doors 6, she will talk about her concept of 'Lo-Res Screen, Hi-Res City', arguing that the development of digital cellular structures by the mobile communications industry has generated a genuine fusion between information space and urban territory. City location, the time, day and date can all begin to shape relationships to information sources. The tight constraints of mobile displays, juxtaposed with the spontaneity, unpredictability and transience of everyday mobility, require a lightness of touch, rather than a broadband bombardment. "The screen is not the world, it's the trigger," she says.