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An information architect with a passion for making the complex clear, Garry Van Patter has over 20 years of consulting, design and design management experience, much of it within international, multidisciplinary consultancies. He is currently Vice President and Co-Founder of the Innovation Acceleration Labs at Scient. In the Scient Lab system, design, technology, information, processes and the physical environment play central roles in the fostering of innovation spanning multiple disciplines and maximizing collective brainpower. In addition to those operating in New York and San Francisco, Scient will be building Innovation Acceleration Labs in London and Singapore this fiscal year. Workshop ONE/Exploring the Language of Innovation at Scient débuted in January 2000 and is now running weekly in the New York and San Francisco Labs. Van Patter has a Master of Science degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York as well as an environmental design degree from the University of Manitoba's School of Architecture. He has studied strategic problem-solving extensively with Dr Min Basadur at the Center for Research in Applied Creativity. Van Patter's work has won design excellence awards from a number of organizations, including Design Zentrum International in Berlin and the New York Art Directors Club. Most recently he presented "Designing Understanding" at the Design Management Institute Conference on The Future of Design Management. He is an active member of The International Institute for Information Design(IIID)and the American Center for Design (ACD). He lives in New York City.


Innovation DNA (Doors 6: Lightness, November 2000)