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What is the 'lightest' way to train children to use computers? Do poor, illiterate children find it harder to use a PC than rich, literate kids? And – the million-dollar question – is the Internet as important to the developing world as 'heavier' amenities such as healthcare, education and drinking water? Scientist, writer, inventor and teacher Sugatra Mitra explored these issues at Doors 6, when he presented work on his Internet project with Indian street children – an example of his concept of 'minimally invasive education.' In a career spanning 20 years, Mitra has achieved an impressive number of firsts, from the world's original LAN-based phone directory to its first Internet-based university. Currently Principal Scientist and Senior Vice-President with NIIT, a fast-growing software and education company, he is also an advisor to a number of governmental and independent organisations in India, the USA and Australia.


India, the Internet, and Non-Invasive Education
Given at Doors 6, November 2000