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A pioneer of super-efficient hotels, cleanrooms and offices, Lee Eng Lock is expert at designing electrical and mechanical systems that use half the energy of standard buildings - and sometimes 70 per cent less. Known globally for his unique contribution to building design, he is the founder of Electric Eye Pte Ltd (previously a subsidiary of Supersymmetry Services), a Singapore-based engineering consulting and contracting firm with projects in Asia and North America. The company motto is "Using megabytes instead of megawatts." He was responsible for the ultra-efficient world headquarters of Compaq Computer in Houston and is well-known as a designer of cleanrooms for multinational high-tech companies, with over 50 to his name and a client list which includes Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Western Digital, Seagate and AT&T. Lee Eng Lock also has a special interest in energy software development. Electric Eye, the three-dimensional data visualisation tool he developed with Supersymmetry, is now being used by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the University of California at Berkeley and several others. He has also developed Enerlyst, an energy monitoring and remote data collection software. "Common sense, applied carefully," is how he describes his work.