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Is there a new way of understanding the culture of products, and can this be communicated as a formula? In his search for new product systems, designer Martí Guixé, who works in Barcelona and Berlin, created the Flamp: a fluorescent lamp-shaped object which, however, uses no electricity – after being exposed to light, it simply glows in the dark for around 20 minutes, gradually becoming dimmer. His book, Fish Futures, spins a tall story around the Flamp and certain other equally whimsical Guixé creations. Spamt, a healthy, alternative 'fast food' product based on a traditional Catalan dish, is an example of his application of design to food, an approach which has also resulted in his Atomic Olive Snacks. Fish Futures, on the other hand, is a range of products, such as tiny, underwater mirrors, designed to improve the quality of life for pet fish. Guixé has been a design advisor in Seoul and has also worked for companies such as Camper, Cosmic, Authentics, Alessi and Droog Design. At Doors 6, he spoke about reducing design to function, replacing eating with breathing, and making food free through branding, in
Man Maps, Fish Toys and Pharma Food.

Fish Futures
Galeria H2O, Barcelona, 1998
ISBN 84-921103-2-5

Man Maps, Fish Toys and Pharma Food
Delivered at Doors 6: Lightness, November 2000.