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A student of "the inherent elegance of emergent complexity," Ben Cerveny is Manager of Global Research and Development at Organic, the successful Internet professional services company (it booked $37.2 million in revenues for the second quarter of 2000). Cerveny is interested in harnessing the computational power of platforms like Playstation2 to create simulations with basic rule-sets that allow complexities to emerge, forming patterns of behaviour and interaction that people instinctively parse. He believes that this essential human ability to find patterns in complex systems remains untapped by current "click on the smiley face to buy our product" interfaces. "There is a certain algorithmic lightness to a basic ruleset, like that of the game Go," he argues. "Especially as it replaces a top-down specification for human-computer interactions." Following his first degree in Critical Theory from UC Berkeley, Ben Cerveny did postgraduate work at the MediaLab at MIT. He has taught courses in information design at the Art Center, San Francisco State University, and San Francisco Art Institute. He has taken part in live 3D and video-mixing performances in New York City and San Francisco. Previous to managing research at Organic, he worked at Be Inc. and Silicon Graphics, building networked graphic applications in their interface design groups. He has also provided information and interaction design consulting to web agencies such as Studio Archetype, Ikonic Interactive and Vivid Studio. He served as Technical Director at CKS/Partners San Francisco, working with clients such as Levi's, MCI and Apple Computer. At Doors 6, he takes part in a panel discussion with Garry van Patter and Rick E. Robinson.