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Can high design values coexist with low bandwidth? Stewart Butterfield, Director of Vancouver-based Sylloge, decided to find out by throwing down the gauntlet to the digital design community. His 5K Awards challenge web creatives to come up with a page that weighs in at no more than 5K – an almost unthinkable idea at a time when the average multimedia-enhanced page consists of a heavyweight 80 to 120 K. "There's a lot of bloat on the web," he explains. "It's not about commercial web design for big companies." The entries on the 5K website show a wide variety of solutions, though several themes emerge: poetry (especially haikus), Piet Mondrian, and nostalgic games are particularly well represented. Some of the sites show an inventive elegance which proves Butterfield right – less really is more when it means engagement with the subject and attention to detail. At Doors 6, he presented some of the best entries from 2000 and considered how, and why, they work.